Well Played, ZUMIX and Artists for Humanity!

Early on I wrote a post about how to get your annual appeal opened, which I consider to be a sizable hurdle in any direct mail campaign.  Basically, the appeal package should be interesting in both look and feel and also have some personal touches.  As an example of a mailer that does every single thing right, check out this appeal from ZUMIX:

 zumix front

zumix back

What you can’t tell from the pictures is that this is an over-sized piece on heavy stock, so immediately it stood out in a stack of envelopes.  On the front you will notice a prominent logo, hand written address, personalized return address, and a Celia http://healthsavy.com/product/cialis/ Cruz stamp (an amazingly thoughtful touch for a music and arts organization).  The back of the piece is powerfully simple – a beautiful photo and a teaser for what’s inside.

The following item from Artists for Humanity has many similarities:

afh front

afh back

While this was sent in an envelope (which also had great design elements), I think the concept would work as an exterior design and two different people gave me a copy so obviously the impact was significant.

Lets not let the arts organizations have all the fun!  Even if you are working within a strict style guide, little changes can have a large impact.  be inspired!