Well played, Rosie’s Place!

This photo, posted on Facebook by Rosie’s http://healthsavy.com/product/adderal/ Place, is so brilliant that it brought me back to blogging from a multi-month hiatus.

You might not think so, but stay with me…

It certainly isn’t the prettiest, flashiest, or most filtered image out there. And it doesn’t include any people, which instinct would certainly tell you is a bad idea. But this image has told me more about what goes on at Rosie’s Place than they have conveyed in several years of solicitations and emails.

A colleague and I were recently debating whether we should enter a contest that required us to demonstrate our service with one image. We convinced ourselves that there is no way to sum up the 7 programs USES offers to participants spanning ages birth to 108 years in one shot. We were wrong.

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