New Year’s Resolution, Round 2

writingLast year my professional resolution was to volunteer or attend 12 fundraising events in an effort to overcome my events burnout.  I am happy to report that I was successful, and that a new job has given me a new outlook.

This year I am resolving to improve my handwriting.  At its best, my writing is legible.  At its worst, it would be mistaken for that of a 6 year old.  As a fundraiser I firmly believe in the power of the (hand)written word.  I address envelopes and postcards whenever it is practical.  I send tickets with handwritten invitations.  I write a note on pretty much everything I can. And yet, practice has not made perfect.

I recognize that my handwriting, in this context, is a reflection of who I am, the quality of my work, and the brand of my organization.  When people flip through their mail and see an envelope I addressed I want them to think “hmm, looks fancy, I wonder what this is” – not, “oh my God it’s a ransom note!”

And so, very soon, I will be taking a calligraphy workshop and selecting my professional script.  While it will certainly take time to make the new style flow, I am committed to shaping up and I will share my progress along the way.