Fundraising By Aristotle

“[Rhetoric is} the ability, in each particular case, to see the available means of persuasion.”  This quote is credited to Aristotle.  It seems doubtful to me that he ever said it, but I think he would agree.

This year, the spring Friend’s of the Children’s Art Centre appeal included a list of approximately 1,500 local residents with properties valued at $1 million or more that was purchased through a mail service.  While we have done our best to cultivate these folks for this ask by sending program brochures and event invitations – some actually bought tickets! – we knew that they would be much more likely to open something that isn’t obviously a solicitation letter.  I have opined further on this topic, here.

To make our case, I deferred to the expertise of Aristotle.  The ethos/pathos/logos approach has been successfully compelling people to do things for over 2,000 years.  As such, I believe that the narrative of our work is most powerful when it combines an image, a story, and numbers.

I am proud to show off the following piece, which was truly a joint effort between development and program staff.  I am also thrilled to report that the appeal has been successful, which several gifts coming from purchased list donors ranging from $200-350 and one for $5,000!

Let the stewardship begin!

appeal inner