Board Member Roles and Responsibilities

This document was prepared by ZUMIX Executive Director Madeleine Steczynski to assist in ZUMIX Board recruitment.  We shared it during our presentation at the 2014 Massachusetts Nonprofit Network Conference.

How to Host a House Party

This info sheet, which outlines responsibilities and common concerns, is a useful tool when recruiting house party hosts. You can use it to frame a one-on-one conversation, or distribute it throughout your Board and committees to create interest. This document was created for a workshop I co-presented with Madeleine Steczynski, Executive Director at ZUMIX, at the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network convention in 2012.

Event Campaign Pyramid

This document provides formulas and a template for tracking event sponsorship requests. Working backwards from a monetary goal, you will determine how many sponsorships to target at each level and how many asks you will likely need to hit your numbers. The charts are particularly useful when working with committee members, as an organized attack plan makes the goal feel manageable. (Many thanks to Tom O’Toole, currently Vice president of Advancement at United South End Settlements, who created this document and is generous enough to share it.)

Networking Follow Up Chart

This networking chart can be helpful for managing donor relations or your personal contacts.  It was originally developed by Liz Leberman for a JVS Lunch and Learn, which is summed up on this Career Moves blog post.

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