Mastering the Art of Professional Dating

My Little Black Book

My Little Black Book

In case you missed my Lunch and Learn at JVS in which I opined about the art of professional dating, I wanted to share a few of the FAQs.  You may be wondering what my credentials are here – after all, I haven’t been on a date with anyone but my husband in almost ten years.  However, I am happily employed after a quick job search after other happy employment.  My networking pursuits have made me a “regular” at three coffee shops.  I got skills.

Conventional wisdom tells us that the best opportunities will come from the outer realm of your network.  It makes sense if you think about it.  You know most of the same people as your co-workers and close friends, and you will find out about the same opportunities.  The good leads come from someone who moves in different circles.  So, when you lock eyes with someone across the room at a workshop, or a LinkedIn profile catches your eye, here are some tips on how to get the coffee on the calendar. Continue reading

Kickass Giving Pages For Dummies

2013 data from Network For Good tells us that while online giving continues to grow, it still represents less than 10% of giving.  Of the giving that happens online, 58% is done through branded giving pages – pages that visually match and are integrated with the organization’s website.  The average gift size was $118, as opposed to an average of $80 through generic giving pages.  Fortunately, Cause Populi developed an amazing infographic that lays out the essential components of a kickass branded giving page: