Event Sponsorship Template (Or the Best Spreadsheet Ever)

Conventional wisdom tells us that sponsorship revenue can and should make up a sizable chunk of the revenue stream for most fundraising events. At United South End Settlements we have two sponsored events, a gala with levels starting at $50,000 and a craft beer tasting event that starts at $5,000. In both cases, we determine our goal and track our progress using this Event Sponsorship Pyramid (will download as an Excel doc). This is a great tool to use with committee members, as it helps you lay out the strategy for your http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/viagra/ goal and also demonstrates how much work is required. The example filled into the chart, which is actually the plan for our upcoming Brewers Helping Neighbors, shows that to earn $22,500 we are shooting for 15 sponsors. To secure 15 sponsors, we are pitching to over 50. With all those moving parts, it is great to have such a simple tracking system. Sadly, I can take no credit for it. the pyramid was designed by our Vice President of Advancement Tom O’Toole, who super generously allowed me to share it.

What’s in a name?

I must confess that naming opportunities is an area in which I have absolutely zero experience.  The idea has come up from time to time, but never under the guidance of someone who can lead the charge.  It all seems so tricky – if related to a capital campaign, the window of opportunity is short.  If you sell yourself short, you don’t get a second chance.  And what if the donor is a total jerkface and every day you go to work and you have pass by the Ms. Jerkface honor plaque?  I am pretty much the most decisive person you will ever meet, yet the prospect of a naming campaign causes me to prance uneasily.

However, my outlook has been http://buytramadolbest.com/xanax.html completely changed by The Mütter Museum, which will allow you to adopt a skull for 1 year (technically that is a “foster,” but whatever).  For $200 you can pick out your specimen, fund a customized mount, and have your name displayed with your new friend for 12 months.  I sincerely hope that he/she would also send you a selfie from the new display.


I met this skull in the crypts under King's Chapel.

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