Volunteer Sign Ups for Dummies

One perk of my New Year’s resolution to attend 12 fundraising events this year has been the opportunity to learn how others are managing volunteers. As I am now supervising a VISTA Volunteer Coordinator,  we are both taking lots of notes and trying to up our game in the area of volunteer recruitment and engagement.

One thing I have found to be helpful is an online registration like this one from Community Servings and Sign Up Genius, used by the Myles Standish Marathon. For a no cost and low time investment option, there is also always EventBrite with each volunteer opportunity being a different “ticket” type. As a volunteer, I appreciate knowing exactly what i am getting into, such as signing up to direct runners at the ranger http://premier-pharmacy.com/product/xanax/ station from 9:45-10:30 a.m. It avoids the back and forth that would otherwise occur with every interested volunteer about what is needed and when. From my end, I am more likely to commit to a concrete task in the moment when I am considering volunteering and I also think that the knowledge of serving a specific purpose can keep folks committed when the big day comes and they are faced with an overwhelming desire to flake out and go home to their dog. (Yes, I did do that once.)

In the end, it really comes down to our desire to feel needed, and these registration systems immediately assign us a much needed job to do. Sounds like a great first step towards longer-term engagement, eh?


All Together Now, or, A Campaign for an Online Community

Are you following the Word of Mouth blog? You totally should be. One recent post explains a social media campaign, “My 4 Words” by UCB Pharma, with a video explaining how they create an online presence that is actually about community and the constituent, as opposed to pushing a product or message.

I have been seeing articles here and there that suggests that the modern day donor has a connection to the cause, more so than the nonprofit. A quick look around Facebook gives this theory credibility. My nonprofit is in a bit of a reflection phase as we consider how we currently http://healthsavy.com/product/tramadol/ talk about our organization, and how we would like that message to change. The UCB Pharma campaign is the equivalent of branding the cause, as opposed to the organization.  For me – at United South End Settlements – that might mean a campaign to engage folks around the importance of education or what they love about the South End, as opposed to what they know about our organization.

The campaign is described around 12 minutes into the video, but this is definitely worth the full half hour if you can spare it. happy viewing!